Fun times for Scouts at 2013 Snyder Fish-A-Thon

2013 Snyder Fish-A-Thon

A young Scout proudly shows off the catfish he caught during the 2013 Snyder Fish-A-Thon on April 13, 2013.

The 2013 Snyder Fish-A-Thon held on April 13th at Towle Park Pond in Snyder, TX was a huge success this year with over 500 people in attendance from the community and Scouting. Everyone in attendance had an amazing time and were able to fish all day long without a fishing license for $5.00. The largest catfish caught this year was a little over 10 pounds.

Don’t forget to attend the 2014 Snyder Fish-A-Thon that will be held on April 12th.