Scouting For Food

Scouting For Food – January 25th

Service to Our Community

One of the core elements of the Scouting program is giving back to our communities through a variety of different service opportunities. Scouting for Food (SFF) is a wonderful chance to let our friends, neighbors, and other citizens throughout the Permian Basin know that we are a vibrant and active organization that delivers its promise.


Scouting for Food will take place on Saturday, January 25th from 9:00am through 1:30pm.

Comanche Trails District’s Scouting for Food collection point is Albertson’s on 42nd Street and JBS Parkway in Odessa (4950 E. 42nd Street). For further information, contact John Gillian at (432) 413-2266.

Chapparal District’s Scouting for Food collection point is HEB at 3325 W. Wadley in Midland.

All Scout units are encouraged to participate in full class A uniforms. This is an outstanding opportunity to show our community how much we care and that we as Scouts and Scouters stand behind the principals of good citizenship and doing a good deed daily. Our local newspapers, radio and television stations will be involved in publicizing this newsworthy event.

For more information, please contact your district’s Scouting for Food chairperson, Scouting professional or Aaron Bedell at (432) 570-7601.