Wilderness Emergency Care

Buffalo Trail Council offers The Wilderness Emergency Care (WEC) program supports a family of courses to meet the needs of everyone with outdoor interests, from easy day trips to challenging and technical activities, including wilderness rescue. All of the courses provide hands-on practical training, to prepare you for wilderness emergencies.  The Wilderness First Aid program is also required at all Boy Scout High Adventure Bases.

Like other ASHI courses, they are also designed to give you a lively and enjoyable learning experience. The textbook not only explains the concepts in clear language; it also shows you how to do all the skills, step by step, with many photos and drawings.


  • Wilderness First Aid is a 16 hour course for those who do more serious wilderness activities. It is the choice of many wilderness trip leaders and guides. WFA presents wilderness topics in more detail, provides more time for skills practice, and also includes role-playing wilderness accident scenarios. This Course follows the Boy Scout Wilderness Curriculum and meets certification standards for all Scout Leaders attending a high adventure base.
  • Wilderness First Responder is a 60-80 hour course for wilderness professionals, Medical Explorer Units and others who want a higher level of training, or require WFR certification. The course length may vary depending on whether the class has previous training, or does enough reading and preparation to reduce the need for lecture. Skills training is intensive, with many role-playing wilderness accident scenarios.
  • PhotoWilderness EMT Upgrade is a 40-hour course for those who are already certified as EMTs, RNs or Medical Doctors.  The course builds on EMT training and adds wilderness concepts and skills, with many role-playing scenarios. Students are expected to minimize the need for lecture by studying and preparing thoroughly for each class. WEMT Upgrade may also be taught as an add-on module to a regular EMT course.

    This Course is designed for EMS, RNs and Medical Doctors.  Most states will count the 40 hour course towards professional CEU’s.  Non medical personnel can take the course in an Audit status, but must have an advanced knowledge of emergency medicine.

    This is a demanding course and is conducted over a 5 day period.  Food, Lodging and Course materials are included in the course.

If you would like more Information please contact our Lead Instructor Todd Bennett.  Todd can be reached at 432-570-7601 or by emailing todd.bennett@scouting.org