A Litmus Test for Scout Skits and Songs?

Campfire StoryHow do you know whether or not a skit or song for your campout or weekly meeting is okay? It’s a question that must be asked in this day and age.


The answer is not so cut and dried as one would like to think. However, there are some fairly good tests that will help a leader decide whether to give a thumbs up or veto to the content of a Scout skit or song. Two primary things to consider include:

1) Does the song/skit contain questionable language, an inappropriate ethnic joke, or sexual innuendo?

2) Does every feature of this campfire program uphold Scouting’s highest traditions?

Of course, these guidelines are not bullet proof and give way to a fair degree of interpretation. Each Scout unit will vary in its social elements and cultural atmosphere. Humor at the expense of another should always be approached with the utmost caution but there are exceptions – such as the story of the snoring Scoutmaster, perhaps.

For more information, please refer to this article posted a couple years ago on the Scouting.org blog:

How do you know if a campfire skit or song is “Scout-appropriate”?