Troop 27

Adversity on the Trail in Texas

You never know when a short day hike might turn into an overnighter. That’s why it always pays to Be Prepared.

When Troop 27 from Snyder, Texas, visited Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch last summer, the guys left their base camp for what they thought was going to be a short hike. They encountered a rainstorm, but it passed without harm.

A short time later, while exploring a low-lying area, the Scouts heard the sound of rushing water. They hurried to higher ground just in time — a flash flood blocked the only way out, and the group had to spend the night outdoors at Needle Rock.

Fortunately, they had all they needed. Temperatures dropped, but that was OK because they started a fire with flint. The weather looked ominous, but that was OK because they built a shelter with hiking sticks and a tarp.

The next morning, the water was shallow enough to cross, and the Scouts made it back to their base camp with a great story to tell.

– Aaron Derr
Boys’ Life Staff Writer

(Republished with permission from the July issue of Boys’ Life Magazine)