Snorkeling will be held at the pool at 9:30 & 2:30 daily. Participants must be classified as a swimmer before attempting this class. You may bring your own snorkeling gear or use the camp’s. Some masks and goggles will be available in the camp trading post. Adults or youth may be certified.


BTSR will offer two different SCUBA programs during the course of the summer. This has been an exciting addition to our programs, especially since the participants will get to dive at a favorite hot spot of divers from all over the state: Balmorhea State Park!


All Participants must be 14 years of age or have completed the 8th grade in order to participate. This program is intended for the older Scout that has “been there and done that.” Due to the extensive requirements and training time, the class takes all day and leaves little time for any other merit badges. Participants must be classified as a swimmer and hold current certification in basic CPR. Adults are encouraged to participate in this program as well.


Instruction and conditioning for the Mile Swim award will be held at 6:00 am daily at the pool, except for Friday when class will be at 3:30. All participants must be classified as swimmers before attempting to begin this course. Participants are required to attend the conditioning laps daily. The actual mile swim test will be held on Friday. (Adults or youth may participate.) The following requirements must be met each day prior to swimming the mile.

  • Sunday – 100 yards (complete swimmer ability test)
  • Monday – 200 yards (100 any style + 2 fifty yd. Sprints)
  • Tuesday – 300 yards (150 any style + 3 fifty yd. Sprints)
  • Wednesday – 400 yards any style
  • Thursday – 800 yards any style
  • Friday – 36 laps – 1800 yards any style


These certifications will be offered for adult Leaders on Monday at 11:20 am at the Pool. The Aquatics Director will give training. Troop wishing to hold a Troop swim must have leaders certified in Safe Swim Defense.


A free swim for all camp participants will be held on Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 pm. (Camp lifeguards as well as BSA Lifeguard participants will staff this swim.)

Troops may also make reservations with the Aquatics Director to have a swim time for the Troop. These are held outside of the regular program schedule as not to interfere with merit badge classes. This would be a great time for your Troop to enjoy the pool and also practice your Safe Swim Defense. Any Troop wishing to make a reservation MUST have a leader that is certified in Safe Swim Defense. (This class is offered every Monday) Only one BTSR staff member will be present, but only as an observer. They do not serve as lifeguards as this is the Troop’s responsibility in using the Safe Swim defense correctly. These times are limited and do fill up quickly, so contact the Aquatics Director early in order to get a spot. These are filled on a first come, first served basis. Some Troops may share a swim time in order to allow everyone a chance to participate and to ensure adherence to Safe Swim Defense policies (share lifeguards and lookouts).


Units may elect to take swim tests before arrival at BTSR. This is a great way to save precious time on that first day of camp set up! The following are the requirements for pre-camp swim tests:

1. Tests must be performed in accordance with BSA Swimming test standards.
2. Tests must be performed by a certified Lifeguard. (BSA or American Red Cross)
3. Tests must have been completed within 90 days of unit’s arrival to BTSR.

The information and forms for pre-camp swim checks can be found in the Leader Guide. Please use only this form to record the results of the Troop’s pre camp swim check. Please ensure you have all necessary signatures and copies in order to validate the test. Copy form as needed. Submit to Aquatics Director upon arrival to BTSR.