Base Camp

1st yr

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“First Year Camper Pavilion”

A brand new, state of the art, 5,000 square foot pavilion houses one of the best 1st Year Camper Programs (Trail to Eagle) in the country.

“Merit Badge Areas”

Each site has covered picnic tables and enough outdoor space to put up a campsite and conduct instructional activities.

George Friday Handicraft Hut

Named after our very own nationally recognized expert woodcarver, this hut is used for all of our handicraft merit badges.

Shooting Sports

This facility on camp offers an outstanding shooting experience for all boys.  Both archery and rifle ranges offer covered seating and teaching areas.    Both ranges are 50’ NRA and BSA certified ranges to be used for archery, BB, .22 rifles, 20-guage shotguns, or black-powder rifle shooting programs.  The rifle range was recently remodeled in 2010!


BTSR owns and operates dozens of horses and mules to be used for horsemanship merit badge and the Cavalcade program.  At the corrals, riding activities and merit badge instruction are available for Scouts and Scouters of all ages.  Trained wranglers encourage every camper to ride and learn.  The tack shed, hay barn, shade tree covered picnic tables, corral, and individual pens are all located together on the east side of camp.

Parade Ground

This is the grassy area found in front of our Dining Hall.  This is the primary assembly point of the camp where the colors are raised and lowered.  A new flagpole and flag ceremony slab stands in front of the grassy area and the Scout Law lines the fence in the background.  Here you will also find lots of picnic tables for your troop to enjoy!


Our amphitheater offers an excellent view of the side of Forbidden Mountain.  Just on the other side of the creek from the campsites, the amphitheater is a man-made stone semicircle carved into the side of a mountain, with enough seating for 350.  This is an ideal spot for campfires, ceremonies, as well a chance to just see and hear the beauty of the ranch.  Our opening camp show and closing awards campfire and OA callout ceremonies are held here.

Rock Range

One of the most popular attractions among young boys is the Rock Range.  The only place on the ranch where rocks can be thrown, a Scout can test their aim at the fixed targets we have in place.  Helmets must be worn by any participant at the Rock Range.  These can only be checked out at the camp office.  Leaders, you are the Rock Range Directors, so please help us keep this a safe activity!


Our Swimming Pool is a 25-meter pool with a 10 ft deep end attached to the side.  This gives our pool a unique t-shape and plenty of space for beginning swimmers and experienced swimmers to test their skills.  Immediately behind the pool is a newer restroom facility with separate heated showers as well as restroom/ changing rooms.  Separate locking rooms allow private areas for youth and adults, male or female.  (Adults may also use the facilities in the Old Folks Home to change & shower.)


The weather in West Texas is very unpredictable. Most summer temperatures range between 75 and 95, however, temperature extremes may be as low as 65 and as high as 115. The humidity in the Davis Mountains is usually in the 20% range during the summer. Humidity can swing from lows of 5% to highs of 100%. The extremely low humidity makes high temperatures seem cooler. This often results in dehydration. It is important that anyone going or interested take a look at the following documents; heat index and health and safety for more information about the heat index. All crews must be careful to ensure that the entire crew is staying properly hydrated.