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BTSR will offer two different SCUBA programs during the course of the summer. This has been an exciting addition to our programs, especially since the participants will get to dive at a favorite hot spot of divers from all over the state: Balmorhea State Park!

SCUBA 2Scouts will have the opportunity to earn the SCUBA, BSA award during any of the eight weeks of camp. Those Scouts and Venturers wanting a little more training will be able to earn their open water diver certification.  Read on for more details about each of these exciting programs!

All participants of BTSR SCUBA programs are required to go online to watch the SCUBA safety video, and participants of the Open Water Diver Certification must complete the online SCUBA education classes as well. To get to the on-line course go to and select the Open Water E-Learning course for the Funky Lil Dive Shop in Toyahvale, TX

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