How to Donate an Automobile to Scouting

Funny-car-insurance-claimsThere are many ways to support Scouting. But did you know that you could donate that car that you’re no longer using?

The reasons for donating a car are many – maybe trade-in value is low, you need a tax deduction, can’t find a good place to store it, or perhaps it just isn’t running like you want it to anymore. Donating your car to Buffalo Trail Council is very simple!

Here are the steps:
  1. Submit your contact information by filling out the online form at or by calling 855-272-1227. Be certain to specify “Buffalo Trail Council” as the council you want to donate to!funny-car-pictures-13
  2. At no cost to you, we’ll pick up the vehicle and tow it to the nearest auction location.
  3. We’ll clean up the vehicle and present it at its best, helping attract the highest possible sale price at auction.
  4. You’ll be sent a receipt. (Every donation is different, and tax-deduction laws vary by location. Ask a tax adviser whether you qualify.)
  5. The Buffalo Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America receives the proceeds!

funny-crash-pics9Proceeds from the sale of vehicles goes toward investment in and enhancement of the programs Scouting provides throughout West Texas.

For more information, click here: DONATE MY CAR