Mystery House

New Popcorn Incentive: The Mystery House!


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Mystery House Winner:

Popcorn Mystery House 2015

Congratulations to Jaden Wallace for uncovering the Mystery House!

Mystery House Clues:

If you’d like to get a leg up on the competition, hit this week’s Mystery House for a very special prize. Your hint is:

Week 1: Sorry, no hint this week.

Week 2: Midland – “The mummy guards the way.” 

Week 3: Midland – “Termites would pass this house by.”

Week 4: Midland – “You can huff and puff but you can’t blow the house down.”

Week 5: Midland – (an anagram of the street name) “Naomthso”.

New Popcorn Incentive: The Mystery House!

The unveiling and first clue will be at the October Roundtables where your unit will also pick up their “take order” forms.  Mystery House Hints will be posted on the Popcorn Page on the Buffalo Trail Council website:

Look for your clues and have fun selling take-order. Remember, your sales pitch needs to be amazing to win the prize.


Mystery House