National Jamboree

National Jamboree is a very exciting time. We are proud to announce that this year, ten boys and one adult from First United Methodist’s Boy Scout Troop 91 will be attending the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia July 15-29 along with 40,000 other scouts from across the nation.  Our Scouts will be joining 28 other boys from across West Texas to form Jamboree Troop 4219.  They will start their journey by traveling to Washington, DC and Baltimore on their way to West Virginia.  Planned activities include a White House tour, laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery, a tour of the United States Naval Academy; visits to the Capitol, the National Cathedral,  WWII, Korea, and Vietnam memorials; whitewater rafting, etc.  You can keep up to date on their trip by following the Facebook page “2017 National Jamboree Troop 4219!

Keeping with the tradition of “earning their own way,” these boys have been working hard to prepare and earn the money for this trip.    National Jamborees are only held every four years, dating back to 1937 when the first one was held on The Mall in Washington DC.  FUMC’s Troop 91 had six boys and one leader attend the most recent Jamboree in 2013, where experiences included outdoor shows with all participants and tour stops including Joint Base Andrews and the tour of a very familiar aircraft:

jambo-1 jambo-2 jambo-3 jambo-4