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 This Saturday is our Pizza party to recognize those Scouts that filled up a sheet during the Take order sales.  3 pm at Mr Gatti’s located on Wadley in Midland.  I will be presenting the patches for this year as well as last years.  Please send me your Scouts totals so that I can hand out the Top 50 patches for the top sellers as well as fill it up winners and $1,500 winners.  We are going to present the top district salesman with a limited edition DRONE!!!

New for 2017!!!

The Scout Shop will be open from noon until 5pm on Saturday, December 9th for all Scouts that sold popcorn  to use their popcorn commission to buy specially selected items.  We will stock the conference room with every widget, doohickey, and thingamabob that our national supply can send us and we will have tons of camping gear as well as new tech items. Please send any suggestions to Eilda at the Midland office.

Take order forms and popcorn kernel packets are available at the Council Service Center- Contact Matt.Vercher@Scouting.org

Winner for Week #1: Kaden Stone from Troop 27  is the winner of a Kindle Fire

Winner for Week #2: Kaden Stone from Troop 27 has turned in a second fill it up page as well as having over $3,500 in online sales.  Lets congratulate him when we see him.

Winner for Week #3: Jesse Orosco from Troop 91 has won a Kindle Fire

Winner for Week #4: Conrad Short from Troop 1908 has won a Kindle Fire

Winner for Week #5:

final Kindle Fire Winner :

Grand Prize Winner :

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One of the best ways to help Scouting at all levels is to purchase Scout popcorn during the traditional sales months of October and November (but popcorn may be purchased year-round online by clicking HERE). Whether you purchase it for your own enjoyment or a holiday gift for your customers, you’ll be helping youth throughout our community.

Cub Scouts will receive free day Camp or a Cuboree for sales over $1,000 and a second event for sales over $2,000.

Webelos, Boy Scouts, and Venturers will receive free resident camp in Council (nontransferable) for sales over $2,000.

Besides being the best quality popcorn you may ever taste, over 70% of the proceeds from each sale go to support local Scouting at three different levels:

1) The Council

Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch, service centers, training, direct service to Scout units, Scout shops, and more are included at this level.popcorncart

2) The Pack or Troop

This includes such things as project and program materials, camping equipment, transportation costs, rentals, etc. In some cases, 100% of the annual funding necessary to run a Pack or Troop comes through popcorn sales.

3) The Scout

Perhaps one of the most important things a Scout learns through popcorn sales is the value of the dollar. He works hard to earn his commission and when he spends it on things like Scout camp, activities, program materials, or uniforming, he now has a sense of pride and ownership in the program. Scouts also learn goal setting as a result of the incentives program.

For more information about your unit selling popcorn please contact Matt Vercher at 432-638-4014.