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Sportsmanship Guidelines:

The Cub Scout Sports Program Handbook outlines three major elements to sportsmanship: honesty, fair play, and respect. These elements are the basis for the Sportsmanship Guidelines and should be followed by both the Cub Scouts and the adults (both leaders & parents).

  • Honesty — Promise to follow the rules.
  • Fair Play — Everyone will be treated fairly and with justice. The rules apply to everyone equally.
  • Respect — Everyone’s skill level is different. Respect everyone’s ability and do not make fun of anyone, either in your group or on another car. Foul language, accusations of cheating, and angry outbursts will not be tolerated. Also, be considerate of everyone — show up on time and stay with your group so you can be found when your car is called to race. DO YOUR BEST.

Participants & Leaders:

  • All participants must be registered Cub Scouts. Registration forms will be available.
  • Everyone MUST abide by the Sportsmanship Guidelines outlined above – Scouts, siblings, friends, parents, leaders, adults, etc.


  • Cub Scouts and Parents should make the cars. Car chassis should be made from basic materials and not be a pre-fab chassis such as a go-cart chassis.
  • Rigid steering is required. NO ROPE STEERING ALLOWED. The steering mechanism must limit the turning radius of the car so as to prevent flipping.
  • All cars must have a seat with a braced backrest.
  • All racers must sit firmly in a seat during the race.
  • Cars will be given a number. Do not paint a number on the car.
  • A push bar must be permanently attached to the rear of the car. It must not pivot or be movable in any way.
  • All cars must have four-wheels (two in front and two in rear).
  • The preferred building material is wood.


  • Fitted helmets are required for each scout racing. Elbow, wrist, and knee protection are strongly recommended.
  • Long pants are strongly recommended and enclosed shoes are mandatory. NO SANDALS OR OPEN TOE SHOES.
  • The Derby Captain reserves the right to remove a car from the race for “SAFETY REASONS”.

Race Day and Races:

  • To qualify to race, all cars MUST provide one adult to help with setup at 9:00 am on race day.
  • Cars and boys must be checked-in by deadline. Cars must pass inspection to race. All cars must stay in the pit area after they are inspected and checked in.
  • There are 4 sections of the track with exchange areas between the sections and at the end of the track. Every boy racing should alternate jobs (pusher or driver) when the car returns from the end of the track.
  • A full team consists of 8 boys – 2 for each of the 4 sections of the track. A car can run with a minimum of 6 boys, however position exchanges are still required at each exchange point.
  • Cars will race in heats by rank. Cars with mixed ranks will be classified by the cub with the highest rank on the car. Tigers and Wolves cannot race with Webelos.
  • One practice walk-thru will be permitted prior to race time at the stated time.
  • Each car must have a designated adult at the finish line to verify race results with the Derby Captain. This should be the same adult for all races if possible.
  • The exchanges must take place with all wheels in the designated exchange box.
  • All wheels of the car must cross the turnaround line before turning in order not to be disqualified. All cars must make a 180 -degree turn around at the end of the track for the return trip.
  • Adults may run beside the cars in the observer lanes during each section of the races. However, adults are not allowed to touch either the car or the Cub Scout during the race. Adult participation may result in disqualification of the car for that heat.
  • Cars will be released after they have been eliminated. LEADERS – Make sure your car has been officially eliminated before you release your boys and remove your car.
  • There will be NO Cub or car substitutions after the derby begins.
  • At exchange points, drivers and adults blocking other cars will cause their car to be disqualified. We recommend entering the car from the left and leaving the car to the right to avoid interference with other cars.
  • Questions concerning races must be addressed to Derby Captain only.

“Geriatric” Race:

  • Last race of the day will be leaders and boy scouts. Break out the track shoes. Get your leaders and parents to show the kids how it’s done.


  • The above rules and regulations are intended to ensure the safety of all participants and promote fair play.  As such, everything regarding the event (scoring, rules, guidelines, policies, regulations, etc.) is subject to the Derby Captain’s discretion.  In the event of any question, concern, issue, etc., the Derby Captain’s decision is final.