Recruiting Update #2

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Good Morning,
I hope everyone is well and all of the Webelos are getting excited about Webelo Resident Camp.That being said, I wonder how many of our Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders are still reading these emails. I am sure there are some of our leaders who are happy with the status quo. However, we must do something to get scouting back on track in our area. We have the correct staff and support team for the first time in many years. We have a great core group of volunteers. Let us get it in gear as it is time to be proactive and aggressive about the growth of scouting in our council.With that thought in mind, let us move on to the topic for today. I would like to address boy talks and rallies.I feel that there are two successful ways of doing boy talks. I also understand that many of the schools want us to only do a five minute introduction in their morning assembly with both boys and girls present. I feel we should try to avoid this as much as possible by explaining to the school how much better it works to do our boy talks one of the two following ways.Some people prefer to go to each classroom and talk to each class. Other people prefer to talk to each grade level during P E class. Which ever if these two formats work for you is great. That is the one you should use.

I, however prefer talking to all of the boys on each grade level during their P E period. I feel this format makes it easier to build enthusiasm with a large group. I also try to deal with the “Boy Scouts are nerds” issue up front. Then I plan to demonstrate what we do in scouts using a show and tell approach. I am planning on going over what seems to work best at our training classes during August.

There are a few things that need to be done just prior to the boy talks. You should take the fliers that need to go home to the school office. I recommend that this be done 3 or 4 days prior to the boy talk day. The fliers should be counted out into sets for each classroom. I also suggest a cover sheet on each stack that asks the teachers to help us out by sending these fliers home with the boys. This will serve as an alert to the parents that we will be coming to the school and that there will be a meeting. I have had parents call me just on the strength of the fliers. However it is still just one part of the entire puzzle. In addition, you need to set a goal for your recruiting drive.

Rallies and boy talks should always be held on the same day. Rallies are in the evening. The rally is one of the most important parts of a successful recruiting season for your unit. Also, since the rally is so important, each unit should have as many leaders in uniform as possible for the meeting. If one of the adults do not have a uniform, they should wear a unit t shirt.

There needs to be a greeter to help move the adults into the meeting by way of the registration table to collect contact information.  You will also need a table with visual aids such as pictures and upcoming events and scheduled.

I know some units prefer to have the boys separate from parents during the unit leader presentation. However, I feel that having them together is a very beneficial setting for a more positive result. Once again this seems to generate more enthusiasm and desire for scouting.Of course, the unit leader who is addressing the rally must demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm.  The presentation must include past and present activities as well as plans for the future. I also feel it is important that cost and joining fees need to be discussed. I also feel other leaders should be spread out with the visitors to help parents with small questions and to aid in completion of paperwork. This will help the parents to have a more positive decision about scouts.Keep your remarks on point and as brief as possible. This will give you the time and chance to answer questions from the parents. When you have reached a stopping point, it is important to get the parents involved in filling out. This is the time for the adult leaders to step up and encourage forms to be filled out by the parents. Be sure you keep the rally on schedule and be sure to be done on time. I feel this causes a more positive reaction from the parents.Finally invite anyone to stay behind that would like more information or just to visit. This will also allow anyone who needs to go home to have a more positive experience.
I will be addressing Boy Scout recruiting in the next email.I also want to be sure you are planning on attending the training meetings for recruiting toward the middle end of August in your local area.

I want to thank each of you for all you do for our boys and their future through scouting. I am also looking forward to working with those leaders who are stepping up to help bring scouting to additional boys.

Yours in scouting,
Gary Callarman.

Recruiting Training
August 8, 6:30 at St Luke’s United Methodist Church in Odessa
August 13, 6:30 at Scout Service Center in Midland
August 20, 6:30 at Scout Service Center in Big Spring