Council Leadership

Advisory Council George Friday
Advisory Council Russell Hall
Advisory Council Toby Eoff
Advisory Council Guy McCrary
Advisory Council Carl Johansen
Advisory Council Dr. Javier Morales
Advisory Council Pat Canty
Advisory Council Nicholas Taylor
Advisory Council Ralph Truszkowski
Advisory Council Gib Wheeler
Board of Directors / Audit Committee Larry Adams
BOD- Past President David Baker
BOD- VP Properties Dan Rush
Board of Directors / District Chair
BOD- Pres. Elect Bruce Brady
BOD-VP Membership/Relationships Nate Gammage
BOD-Executive Director/Secretary David Chapman
Board of Directors / District Chair
BOD- VP at large
BOD-VP Programs Bob Ferguson
Board of Directors Charlie Harris
Board of Directors /Audit Committee Chair Ron Harkrider
Board of Directors Patrick Holeva
President’s Council Charles House
Board of Directors Hill Krause
Board of Directors-Lodge Chief Jacob Reichardt
Board of Directors Randall Kelly, MD
Board of Directors
BOD-VP Development Braxton Minor
Council President Bruce Brady
Board of Directors / Strategic Planning Deana Savage
Advisory Council Wes Perry
Board of Directors Jordan Partee
BOD-VP of Governance Frank Stowers
Board of Directors / District Chair Mark Richardson
Board of Directors
Board of Directors / Treasurer Chad Valentine
Board of Directors / YPT Advancement Dan Wagoner
Board of Directors/Council Attorney Pat Weaver
BOD-Council Commissioner Byron Welch
BOD-VP District Operations Gary Wood
Board of Directors Jeremy Bishop
Presidents Council / Investment Committee Stephen Castle
Presidents Council Sam Howell, II
Presidents Council William Kent
Presidents Council
Advisory Council Ken Peeler
Presidents Council / Investment Committee K.Kyle Peeler
Presidents Council Mark Philpy
Presidents Council / Investment Committee Chair James Riggen
Presidents Council John Scott
Presidents Council Charles Spence
Presidents Council /Investment Committee Don Tomlin
Presidents Council Ladd Smith