Summer Staff Employment

Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch


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Letter from the Camp Director

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Staff members are provided food and housing as well as certain staff uniform items. Salaries range from $125-$400 weekly, depending on age, prior experience, and position. Some positions require certification by the National Camp School, BSA, which is paid by the camp as part of your compensation.


In 2008, we started the BTSR Staff Scholarship program that awards funds that can be used when you enroll in a college or university of your choosing.  For every summer of service to BTSR, $250 is earned towards this scholarship, and up to $2500 can be earned.  Half of the award is given in the fall and the other half is given in the Spring, upon receipt of proof of enrollment.  For more details and application information, please see the BTSR Camp Staff Scholarship Form.

Positions Available

Base Camp Program Program Director, Aquatics Programs, Shooting Sports, Climbing/Rappelling, Horse Wrangler, Scout Skills, Handicrafts, Nature/Ecology, Archery Director High Adventure Areas Mountain Man, Climbing/Rappelling, Outback Ranger, Horse Wrangler, Cavalcade Wrangler, High Adventure Staff, SCUBA, Cavalry, Outpost Camp Service Staff Camp Cooks, Assistant Cook(s), Asst. Ranger,–Maintenance, Dining Hall Director, Health Officer, Office Manager, Camp Chaplain, Trading Post Staff, Camp Commissioner
High Adventure Staff Opportunities

At Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch PhotoOpportunities for High Adventure program positions are varied. For the past few years, new programs have been added to the arsenal of programs. In 2007 it was the Circle H Ranching Adventure, in 2008, it was the Cavalry Outpost Camp, and we continue to look for other opportunities every year! Our current high adventure outpost camps include the Mountain Man Camp, which revolves around the history of the fur trapping era; the Circle H Ranching which teaches and recreates the history of ranching at the turn of the century; and the Cavalry camp, which explores what it was like to be a soldier in the 9th and 10th Cavalry in the late 1800s. Two more high adventure programs at BTSR roam through the Davis Mountains. The Outback Hiking program is a backpacking program that spends the week exploring the far reaches of the ranch on foot, while stopping in and enjoying some of our outpost programs along the way. Also, our Cavalcade program has the opportunity to explore the countryside, but on the back of a horse instead! Basecamp adventures include our varied climbing programs, as well as our SCUBA programs. There is something for everyone!

About the Programs

How to Apply


The following documents are in PDF format.

Contact the Camp Director, David Chapman at 432-570-7601 or email


Applicants are considered for positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (if over 18), marital status, veteran status, or the presence of a health problem or handicap that is unrelated to the ability to perform the jobs requested.

Substance Free Employer:

By applying, applicants understand that BTSR is a drug and alcohol free work environment. Staff behavior off of camp property is still representative of the camp and its policies. Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch has a strict “Anti-Drug” policy and applies to staff members whether on camp property or not. There is also a zero tolerance policy for minors in possession of alcohol while off of camp property. Violation of these policies is grounds for immediate dismissal.