Online Tour Permits


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Scout units and councils have been using some form of tour-planning document—a local or national tour permit, or a tour plan—since the 1960’s. On May 10, 2012, the newest version took effect and replaced all previous iterations.

The new tour and activity plan is simply a planning tool to help leaders be prepared for a safe and fun adventure. It can help you ensure trained leadership is in place, equipment is available, and there is safe and appropriate transportation to and from an event.

Please use the online version of the plan whenever possible. It is a unit-level tool when you sign into . Find a printable version for your Scouters without Internet access on the tour and activity plan FAQ page. Please review all of the information on the page and the hyperlinks. A video showing you how to submit a tour and activity plan is on the FAQ page and here.

If you use the online version, you no longer have to collect signatures or council approval. Complete the plan and certify that any missing requirements will be completed before the trip begins. When you submit the plan online, an email will be sent to your council, chartered organization, committee chair, and your designated emergency contact.

Remember, your council might have more detailed instructions. Please contact it with any questions.