Horsemanship Training

BTSR horsemanshipHorsemanship Training is a full day of training and trail riding offered at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch year-round, except during summer camp. It is available to registered Scouts, Scouters, and (with activity insurance) Girl Scouts from age 11 up, for a minimum group of 10. The program works best as a unit activity, but campers organized from a combination of units are welcome. Maximum program size is 20. Leader participation at the corrals is appreciated and desired, but everyone who gets astride a horse pays the fee.

Participants must be in good physical condition; weigh less than 250 lbs. dressed to ride; provide a current, completely filled out BSA physical; and bring a signed Hold-Harmless Agreement. No deposit is required, but arrangements must be made at least 60 days in advance with the ranger at BTSR.

Horsemanship Training will typically cover all 11 requirements of the Horsemanship merit badge in the course of one day. Participants will practice riding horses or mules in the corrals, and on the trail.

The Horsemanship Training program can be tailored to meet the specific program goals of particular groups. Most of the requirements for the “Equine Elective” of the Venture Scout Ranger Award can be taught; likewise, many of the requirements of the Girl Scout “Horse Sense” badge can be met in this program. Often, high-adventure bound Scouts, Venturers, and adults use the program to test their riding skills to practice for a future Cavalcade.

The day will start early with all participants invited to the corrals to help feed before daylight. Meals are not provided in this program, and campers will be released to their campsites for breakfast and lunch, so units should plan menus that are fast and filling. There will be other breaks during the day, but the last ride in the evening may return at dusk. It’s a full day.


For payment information and/or to register, contact Gracie Quintela ( at our Midland Office by calling 432-570-7601.