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Commissioner Unit Service Plan

Video Training Modules
  • Collaborative Assessment for the Unit Key 3 Describes to the unit Key 3 the process involved with the collaborative assessment creation, steps, and procedures. It should be reviewed by commissioners and unit Key 3prior to beginning the Collaborative Detailed Assessment process.

The Video Training Modules are now in the Learning Management System found at this link

This can also be found on the home page after logging into .

Additional Commissioner Tools Training Resources

Commissioner Tools Virtual Forum (August 13, 2015)—Why All the Changes?/Unit Service Plan

Commissioner Tools

Commissioner Tools is a new tool available on the new my.Scouting Tools . It’s intended to help commissioners better perform (not change) current functions by improving efficiency and easy access of information. A few examples of what can be done in Commissioner Tools:

  • Assign commissioners to units.
  • Record contacts.  A commissioner is most effective through frequent contact with their units so they can build a friendly and trusting relationship.
  • Roundtable administrations.  Plan, record attendance, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Conduct assessments to help a unit improve. In concert with the Unit Service Plan and Journey to Excellence (JTE), the tool provides the ability to record the results and build action plans that may access and incorporate district, council, and other resources beyond the unit.
  • Monitor a unit’s progress. Access unit information.

Not all functionality will be available in the initial release of Commissioner Tools, and we will continue to add enhancements based upon your input.

Before councils can start using Commissioner Tools, there are several documents and forms that must be reviewed and completed to ensure a successful transition to the new tool:

Updates to Commissioner Tools
Monthly Commissioner Tools Reports

The following reports are generated monthly, summarizing the contact activity from Commissioner Tools by district within councils. At the end of the report, the Areas are summarized and then the Regions.