2017 FOS Gold Star Unit


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What is a “Gold Star” unit?

FOS_RWBFriends of Scouting (FOS) is an essential part of investing in the future of our Scouts. FOS provides a significant portion of the finances needed for the Buffalo Trail Council to support your unit. The Gold Star unit recognition gives special benefits to those units who understand and communicate this need, and are willing to participate in their “fair share” contribution amount.

As a recognition/thank you for your unit’s participation, the Buffalo Trail Council will provide the following to any unit who successfully meets or exceeds their FOS “fair share” goal:

  • Free advancements (cloth patch for Bobcat – Arrow of Light ranks or cloth patch for Scout – Life ranks)
  • Free Venturing Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards and Ranger Award
  • A commemorative ribbon that can be proudly displayed with your unit’s flag


  1. This year’s deadline – Unit presentation must be completed prior to April 30st.
  2. Every Pack, Troop, Team, or Crew that achieves their Friends of Scouting (FOS) goal will qualify as a Gold Star Unit until next year on March 29. All contributions must come from parents, grandparents, or registered leadership within the unit. In accordance with Boy Scouts of America policies, units cannot solicit businesses.
  3. Your unit goal will be given to your unit leadership by the District Executive. Goals are based on prior unit giving and the premise that your unit will donate the cost of supporting at least half the scouts in your unit.
  4. Goals include pledges but all pledges must be paid by December 31, 2017

For a sneak peak at next year’s FOS brochure and further information on what Friends of Scouting is, click the thumbnail photo to the left.

Thank you for supporting Scouting! Please see your District Executive to schedule your Family Friends of Scouting presentation at your spring Blue and Gold Banquet or Court of Honor.