Supplemental Adult Training

Cub Scout Leaders

Cub Scout Leaders

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

A one-day training event, presented by the Council, that introduces Cub Scout leaders and parents to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor activities, particularly Pack camping.


A monthly audio podcast featuring a variety of how-to information for Cub Scouting leaders and parents
Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders

Designed specifically for Webelos den leaders and their assistants
Teaches outdoor-related skills and activity badge instruction through demonstration and hands-on practice
Webelos den leaders should attend this training before conducting Webelos overnight camping with the boys and parents of the den.

University of Scouting

An annual training conference for Cub Scout leaders by a council or district
Generally includes sections on games, crafts, skits and puppets, ceremonies, administration, and Webelos activity badge skills

Boy Scout Leaders

Boy Scout Leaders

The Trainer’s EDGE

The required train-the-trainer course for Wood Badge and NYLT staffs
Supplements the practice offered through Wood Badge and NYLT staff development
Offered through the council.

Troop Committee Challenge

Required for every troop committee member
Committee members learn and identify their roles and responsibilities
Available through

Training for All Volunteers

Training for All Volunteers

Hazardous Weather

Must be completed prior to submitting a tour permit application to the local council
Presents safety precautions for weather, as well as planning, preparation, and traditional weather signs
Offered through the Online Learning Center and on DVD (No. 19-700)
Philmont Leadership Challenge

Adult leaders live in the Philmont backcountry and practice leadership skills learned in Wood Badge for the 21st Century.
Philmont Training Center

The Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico, provides a unique environment for the training of volunteer and professional leaders.

Roundtables/Program Forums

Provide quality resources, knowledge, and skills to unit leaders
Roundtables are usually conducted monthly in every district. Contact your district for more information.
ScoutParent Unit Coordinator

Assists the coordinators in understanding their specific roles
Gives tips on how to effectively use the ScoutParents program to involve more parents in all of our Scouting programs
Each unit is required to have at least one ScoutParents unit coordinator to implement the ScoutParents program.
Available online through
Supplemental Training Modules

Provide orientation beyond the basic training offered in This Is Scouting and leader position-specific training
Download subjects that are of interest for personal or unit use. There are no training credits associated with the completion of these units of study.
Additional training units are being developed and will be continually added.

Wood Badge

Advanced training in leadership skills
Available to all leaders in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing, as well as council and district Scouters
Offered through the council
For more information on training opportunities, go to